Study Abroad

Study Abroad and Learning Vacation Programs

  For students who wish to study English overseas we recommend studying at one of our International House schools in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Malaysia. By studying in an English speaking country you will be able to immerse yourself in the English language and put into practice what you have learned in class.

 If you wish to study at a western university and need to improve your English level to IELTS 6.5 prior to enrolment, International House offers excellent Academic English foundation programs that will set you on the right path to university acceptance.

Study English at International House abroad, and you will find an exciting learning experience. IH schools are friendly and offer the opportunity to make new acquaintances while learning and practicing English.

Study Abroad at an IH school in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada,  New Zealand,  Australia or Malaysia for:

  • A wide range of courses of various lengths
  • Comfortable and well-equipped centers at the heart of your chosen location
  • An exciting social program including visits to nearby places of recreational and cultural interest
  • Small classes with friendly teachers in a relaxed and supportive environment
  • Opportunities to learn about the culture of your chosen country and the life of your chosen city
  • Options for accommodation: campus, and home stay with a family or hotel

Would you prefer to stay closer to home or combine your studies with vacation? We can make your ideal learning experience happen.

IH offers complete packages for study abroad. You can book your course simply by visiting us in any of our branches in the Kingdom.

International House schools are in many other countries.  Click here to view.