EAP: Academic English


Name: Orientation Program
Objective: To prepare students for diploma level study at the Institute of Industrial Management and Information Technology. Beginners and false beginners are assisted into academic study with concepts and vocabulary that reflect their chosen diploma specialization. Classes are both communicative and academically focused with added emphasis on academic reading and writing skills.
Location: IH Dhahran.


Code Weeks Hours CEF

AE:Level 1

7 140 hours A1

AE:Level 2

7 140 hours A2

AE:Level 3

7 140 hours B1

AE:Level 4

7 140 hours B2


Name: TOEFL Refresher Course
Objective: To prepare students for the TOEFL IBT through test taking strategies designed to cover all sections of the test.

Location: All Centers

Code: TO\45

 Weeks  Hours  CEF

   Level 4-5


140 hours



Name: Diploma in English Language
Objective: To train Saudis to CPE equivalent.

Location: All Centers


Levels 5-6+

2 year full time course