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Professional Development Courses

Flexibile courses mean you can study either at IH or on-site at your own company. Groups are small. Courses are customized to meet client need. Course duration is negotiable, but a min duration of at least 40 hours is recommended. A minimum of 30 hours is recommended for either the Technical Report Writing Course or the Presentation Skills Course. Other courses may be significantly longer.

English for Accounting
English for Aviation Maintenance
English for Plant Operations
English for the Oil and Gas Industry
English for Drilling Operations
English for Administrators
English for Business Correspondence
English for Banking & Finance
English for Health Care Professionals
English for Nursing
English for Dentistry
English for Engineers
English for Technical Report Writing
English for Emailing
English for HR Staff
English for Legal Specialists
English for the Military
English for Logistics
English for Fast Food Workers
English for IT Professionals
English for Security Personnel
English for Presentation skills



Name: Plant Operators’ Program

Levels Weeks Hours CEF
Levels 1 to 4\5 or 6 24- 36 480-1080hrs Various

The IH Operators’ program has been taught to such companies as SABIC, APC, and SIPCHEM. The courses are always especially designed to reflect company preference in terms of course content and duration. Operators generally need to reach at least IH Level 4 and many companies choose to train their new hire operators up to Level 6. Levels last either 4 weeks or up to 6 weeks, dependent on the client’s timetabling framework.

Client Profile: A large petrochemical company has just hired 120 young Saudis with a view to deploying them as operators. As high school graduates, the trainees do not have the language skills to benefit from either technical or on job training before being sent to their respective departments. 90% of the high school graduates are Level 1.

International House and Operators’ Training: In this scenario, IH would offer the following services:

  • Free course design consultancy to the petrochemical company based on needs analysis

  • Curriculum design reflecting the company’s time allocation and budgeting preferences for the project.

  • Presentation of the curriculum and the training materials to the company’s training department or appointed supervisors

  • Free placement tests for the entire cadre of 120 entrants including intelligence and psychometric testing

  • Banding of the 120 students into groups

  • English language teaching based on competencies required by operators and specially designed to take into account the low level of trainees

  • Implementation of the English language course for operators.

  • Activation of reporting and monitoring procedures.

  • Certification of level and course completion

  • Implementation of Technical Training upon completion of the English Language Operators Course by EPIT’s technical training team. 


Name: Oil Workers’ Program


Levels Weeks Hours CEF
Levels 1 to 4\5 or 6 24- 36 480-1080hrs Various


International House offers English training designed to reflect the language learning needs of the modern oil industry. The program begins at Level 1 and extends up to Level 6, though companies will obviously have their own objectives within that range.

The program looks at safety within the oil industry, exploration, refining, oil field operations, equipment, well drilling, lifting gear, hand tools, directions and instructions, reporting in the oil industry, pipe line laying, emergency procedures, oil storage and handling, facilities management, and operations on off shore fixed platforms. The level of language and sophistication increases as the language level increases, but the focus of the entire program is always on the oil industry.


Name: Oil and Gas Workers’ Program

For companies involved in the exploration, drilling, pumping, and transportation of natural gas, IH offers a specialist training option with an extra focus specifically on gas related operations as an extra specialization.