English for Industry

Technical English
Name: TE Suite
Objective: To improve work skills in technical and vocational professions by offering core Technical English courses based on work competencies recognized by industry. All levels align with the CEF with levels 1-2 allowing lower level students to get a solid foundation on the ESP ladder while the higher levels are suitable for engineers and project management staff.

Location: All centers

Code Weeks

Code Weeks    
TE:Level 1 7 140 hours A1
TE:Level 2 7 140 hours A2
TE:Level 3 7 170 hours B1
TE:Level 4 7 170 hours B2
TE:Level 5 7 170 hours B2
TE:Level 6 7 170 hours C1


HRDF Courses
Name: HRDF001-2

Objective: To work in conjunction with TVTC and local industry in providing young Saudis with the vital English language skills they need for effective and safe job performance in a wide variety of professions from retailing to pipe fitting and welding. The English courses are designed to meet later training requirements at the Mechanical Workshop or Catering Service Unit, both of which, like the IH schools and IIMIT, are operated by EPIT.


Code Weeks    
DF:Level 1

110 hours

DF:Level 2

110 hours

DF:Level 3 6

140 hours