Arabic and French Courses


Arabic is a fascinating language and continuing demand for our Arabic language courses means IH offers programs in not just survival Arabic at Beginner level, but levels up to intermediate level. The material focuses on situational use of Arabic, for shopping, renting a car, changing money etc. The dialect taught is Gulf Arabic for local use. Learn the Arabic alphabet so you can read street signs and basic instructions. You will be amazed at your progress and by the end of Level 1, you will be able to read, write and speak Arabic.

Our approach to Arabic immerses you in the language and gets you speaking fast.

IH also offers 2 levels of Modern Standard Literary Arabic - from Beginner to Intermediate which focuses on the language of newspapers and public broadcasts.

IH offers 5 levels of Arabic from Beginner to Advanced.

French, one of the most important and widely spoken languages not only in Europe, but also North Africa and Canada, is an exciting and vibrant language to learn. If you are already familiar with English, studying French is very straightforward. IH offers 5 levels of French from Beginner to Advanced.